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*If a “same day” appointment with your doctor is desired, call their office directly.  NEW patients should always call the desired doctor’s secretary directly, or contact Nursing Administration @ 713.526.5511 ext. 3006.     

With a MyChart login, you may message an appointment request to your doctor of record.    Established patients may request an appointment online through “MyChart”      

If this is an emergency, dial 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency center.

Your party can be reached during normal business hours (8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday) at their office number listed below.  You may also dial (713) 526-5511 and enter an extension number or ask for the receptionist to connect you to your party.

Patients needing urgent medical care when the Clinic is closed may reach their physician (or the physician designated to take his/her calls) by dialing the main Clinic telephone number, (713) 526-5511.  The Clinic’s answering service will contact the physician on call. When calling after hours, have your pharmacist’s telephone number available and remove any incoming call blocks from your phone line so our phone calls can be received.

If you plan to pay cash for services rendered, please click here to read our “Right to Receive a Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges“.

PhysicianSpecialtyEstablished Patients Only:
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Office Telephone*LocationFAX Number
Pham, Vi, M.D.EndocrinologyCall Dr. Pham’s office ⇒ or  noopener">Book Online
Deal, Christopher B., M.D.Hospitalist / Internal MedicineCall Nursing Administration ⇒(713) 526-5511 ext. 3005Methodist Hospital(713) 520-4762
Gonzalez, Adriana  M.D.EndocrinologyCall Dr. Gonzalez’s office ⇒(713) 807-42262nd Floor(713) 578-1564
Bodani, Riddhi U., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Bodani’s office ⇒ OR Book Appointments Online(713) 807-46025th floor(713) 578-1562
Babu, Shilka S., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Babu’s office ⇒(713) 807-46565th floor(713) 578-1560
Cohan, Leslie C., M.D.GynecologyCall Dr. Cohan’s office ⇒(713) 807-42212nd floor(713) 578-1554
Kwon, M. Christine, M.D.Hospitalist / Internal MedicineCall Nursing Administration ⇒(713) 526-5511 ext. 3005Methodist Hospital(713) 520-4762
Philip, Soumya,  N.P.CardiologyCall Dr. Achari’s office ⇒(713) 807-42612nd floor(713) 578-1450
Radiology Services / RadiologistsDiagnostic Imaging Services DepartmentCall Radiology ⇒(713) 526-5511 ext. 45001st floor(713) 520-4728
Tran, Suong M., M.D.RheumatologyCall Dr. Tran’s office ⇒(713) 807-45114th floor(713) 578-1501
Elhaj Iversen, Mona., M.D.RheumatologyCall Dr. Iverson’s office ⇒(713) 807-45164th floor(713) 578-1525
Alikhan, Mujahed M., M.D.RheumatologyCall Dr. Alikhan’s office ⇒(713) 807-45164th floor(713) 578-1534
Su, Annie R., M.D.Medical OncologyCall Dr. Su’s office ⇒(713) 807-45364th floor(713) 578-1526
Beinart, Garth A., M.D., F.A.C.P.Medical OncologyCall Dr. Beinart’s office ⇒(713) 807-4531 4th floor(713) 578-1498
Zafar, M. Behzad, M.D.GastroenterologyCall Dr. Zafar’s office ⇒(713) 807-45714th floor(713) 578-1539
Wolf, David S., M.D.GastroenterologyCall Dr. Wolf’s office ⇒(713) 807-45464th floor(713) 578-1515
Dugan, John T. III., M.D.GastroenterologyCall Dr. Dugan’s office ⇒(713) 807-45764th floor(713) 578-1545
Cook, Patrick J., M.D., F.A.C.C.Cardiovascular DiseaseCall Dr. Cook’s office ⇒(713) 807-42662nd floor(713) 578-1433
Achari, Arup., M.D., F.A.C.C.Cardiovascular DiseaseCall Dr. Achari’s office ⇒(713) 807-42612nd floor(713) 578-1450
Radcliffe, Ann H., M.D.Internal Medicine – MDVIPCall Dr. Radcliffe’s office ⇒(713) 807-48216th floor – MDVIP(713) 578-1456
Poliak, Martin, M.D.Internal Medicine – MDVIPCall Dr. Poliak’s office ⇒(713) 807-48166th floor – MDVIP(713) 578-1455
Nevins, Christopher L., M.D., F.A.C.P.Internal Medicine – MDVIPCall Dr. Nevins’ office ⇒(713) 807-48316th floor -MDVIP(713) 578-1467
Hoermann, Karen L., M.D.RETIREDCall Nursing Administration ⇒(713) 526-5511 ext. 3005
Tang, Phong P., M.D.Hospitalist / Internal MedicineCall Nursing Administration ⇒(713) 526-5511 ext. 3005Methodist Hospital(713) 520-4762
Shah, Tejal B., M.D.Internal Medicine – MDVIPCall Dr. Shah’s office ⇒(713) 807-48366th floor – MDVIP(713) 578-1559
Lasek-Nesselquist, Suzanne., M.D.Internal Medicine – MDVIPCall Dr. Lasek’s office ⇒(713) 807-48266th floor – MDVIP(713) 578-1556
Barbandi, Mazen., M.D.Hospitalist / Internal MedicineCall Nursing Administration ⇒(713) 526-5511 ext. 3005Methodist Hospital(713) 520-4762
Williams, Cynthia L., M.D.Internal Medicine – ConciergeCall Dr. Williams’ office ⇒(713) 807-42112nd floor – Concierge Medicine(713) 578-1475
White, Martin R., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. White’s office ⇒(713) 807-46765th floor(713) 578-1415
Stoecker-Simon, Dawn, M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Stoecker-Simon’s office ⇒(713) 807-42162nd floor(713) 578-1481
Schatz, Daniel W., M.D., F.A.C.P.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Schatz’s office ⇒ OR  Book Appointments Online(713) 807-46165th floor(713) 578-1536
Radoff, Russell N., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Radoff’s office ⇒(713) 807-46665th floor(713) 578-1461
Paulsel, John T., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Paulsel’s office ⇒(713) 807-42312nd floor(713) 578-1422
O’Brien, Kelly M., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. O’Brien’s office ⇒(713) 807-46715th floor(713) 578-1508
Munsayac, Hang X., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Munsayac’s office ⇒(713) 807-45662nd floor(713) 578-1516
Meyer, Jennifer K., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Meyer’s office ⇒(713) 807-45614th floor(713) 578-1469
Magid, Jonathan M., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Magid’s office ⇒(713) 807-46465th floor(713) 578-1485
Lux, Thomas R., M.D.Internal Medicine – ConciergeCall Dr. Lux’s office ⇒(713) 807-42362nd floor(713) 578-1504
Li, Sharon X., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Li’s office ⇒(713) 807-46315th floor(713) 578-1552
Lenz, Matthew L., M.D.Internal Medicine –  ConciergeCall Dr. Lenz’s office ⇒(713) 807-45414th floor – Concierge Medicine(713) 578-1443
Krug Irelan, Kayla A., D.O.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Irelan’s office ⇒ OR Established Patients Book Appointments Online(713) 807-46615th floor(713) 578-1541
Khatri, Bhakti D., M.D.Internal Medicine – ConciergeCall Dr. Khatri’s office ⇒(713) 807-46115th floor(713) 578-1472
Guss, Jennifer E., M.D.Internal Medicine – ConciergeCall Dr. Guss’ office ⇒(713) 807-46265th floor(713) 578-1512
Goldfarb, Brian S., M.D.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Goldfarb’s office ⇒(713) 807-46415th floor(713) 578-1500
Garcia, III, Delfino F., M.D.Internal Medicine – ConciergeCall Dr. Garcia’s office ⇒(713) 807-46215th floor(713) 578-1453
Finnila, Christopher J., M.D., F.A.C.P.Internal MedicineCall Dr. Finnila’s office ⇒(713) 807-46365th floor(713) 578-1468