Executive & Corporate Health and Travel Services in Houston TX

For scheduling or additional information, you can reach our Corporate Care representatives by email at MCHCorpCare@mchllp.com or by phone at (713) 520-4738.

Company leaders and employees with small organizations or large corporations can benefit from a comprehensive health assessment which helps detect risk factors and early manifestation of disease. Whether you obtain Executive annual exams or pre-travel evaluations, these can identify and assist employers in managing health risks and improving global travelers’ health and fitness, thus minimizing the risk of health problems abroad in an unfamiliar healthcare delivery system.

Health Assessments include:

Executive Fitness    Industry-Specific Medical Exams    Pre/Post-Travel Physicals    Immunizations

Your medical exam can be scheduled with physicians authorized to perform:

Fitness to Work Offshore (aka OEUK /OGUK /UKOOA), Seafarers (reciprocity with MLC’s ENG1) and other industry-specific required protocols.

You also have same day access to a full range of diagnostic services, vaccination administration for international travel, and certifications required by employers or countries.  High quality health care is delivered and coordinated for you by board certified Internal Medicine physicians dedicated to providing total adult patient care.

Available Company or Country Required Exams, Certifications, & Screenings
Included Medical Services
  • General Health Screening including vision, hearing, breathing
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Immunizations
  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Drug Screening