Infusion Center & Services in Houston TX

Infusion Services are available in MCH’s Infusion Center, located on the fourth floor.  Patients are provided comprehensive and compassionate care by our expert team of highly qualified nurses licensed by the Texas State Board of Nursing.


Patients and their families are supported by our specialty nurses during their infusions in comfortable private or conversational settings. Your MCH physician may order an array of infusion services including:

⇒  Chemotherapy

⇒  Biological Immune Modulators

⇒  Hematologic Growth Factors

⇒  IV Steroids

⇒  Hydration

⇒  Phlebotomy

Your MCH physician’s office staff will work with you to schedule the above services.  Your physician’s staff can be reached through the Clinic’s main phone number (713) 526-5511 or directly by dialing your physician’s secretary’s number found on this website’s “Our Provider Directory” page.