DocbookMD, a physician-owned mobile health technology company based in Austin, Texas announced today it has licensed Docbook Enterprise, its popular mobile communication application designed expressly for the needs of hospitals and groups, to Medical Clinic of
Houston (MCH).

“DocbookMD gives groups and hospitals a bridge to the local medical community,” says Dr. Tim Gueramy, MD, CEO and Co-Founder of DocbookMD. “Medical Clinic of Houston has physicians that coordinate care outside the boundaries of their clinic so their care coordination needs are complex. DocbookMD will enable them to communicate about patient care with radiologists, hospitalists, and subspecialists, whether those physicians are working in or out of the clinic.”

Docbook Enterprise is the next evolution of the DocbookMD suite of mobile services and is now fully customizable to suit the communication needs of each healthcare organization. For example, DocbookMD integrated MCH’s answering service, Rite Response, in order to streamline workflow and urgent communications for physicians and support staff, allowing them to receive all messages securely through DocbookMD on their mobile device of choice.

“Our Clinic selected DocbookMD Enterprise because of its encrypted, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based approach to meeting our communication needs, both within our 45-physician internal medicine group as well as with outside specialists,” says Karen Rainey, Executive Administrator for Medical Clinic of Houston, L.L.P. “DocbookMD Enterprise is a customizable solution which not only allows our physicians to send and receive critical messages, such as abnormal lab results and radiology images, to each other via their smart phones, it also helps our physicians coordinate care when patients are admitted to the hospital and immediately following discharge.”

DocbookMD is a secure, HIPAA-compliant communication and data-sharing solution for physicians and their care teams that shares in real-time messages and images such as EKGs and X-rays, resulting in more efficient care coordination. Using 256-bit encryption and a secure cloud server, DocbookMD exceeds HIPAA/HITECH standards for mobile technology, ultimately keeping health information safe, protecting patients as well as physicians.

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