After an eleven-year business relationship with Medical Clinic of Houston, L.L.P. (“MCH”), Cigna unexpectedly terminated its contract with MCH effective January 15, 2020.  As a result patients with commercial Cigna coverage (employer-sponsored) and Cigna or HealthSpring Medicare Advantage coverage will no longer have in-network access to MCH physicians or services.

You can, however, continue to see any MCH physician after January 15, 2020 under your out-of-network benefits.

In order to be able to continue choosing MCH physicians for your health care, please consider taking any or all of the following measures:

  • Speak to a human resource or benefits manager at your place of employment and urge them to let Cigna know how important it is for MCH to remain in-network;
  • Ask your employer to change to a health plan that includes MCH physicians (see our website at for a list of other insurance and health plans in which we participate);
  • Contact Cigna directly to let them know how disappointed you are in their actions;
  • Continue to see your MCH physician under your out-of-network benefits—your out-of-pocket cost (deductibles and co-insurance) may be higher (please check the details of out-of-network coverage with your plan);
  • If you see MCH cardiologists (Dr. Achari or Dr. Cook), your care will continue to be in-network for most employer plans; and
  • If you have a chronic condition, it may be possible for you to continue seeing your MCH physician for up to 90 days after January 15, 2020, unless you transition your care to another physician prior to the end of the 90-day period.

Call us at 713-526-8371 if you have any questions or for additional assistance.